AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE, A premier educational center, provides coaching for

Pre-medical entrance examinations100%
Pre-engineering entrance examinations100%

AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE was established on 30th April; 2002 with aims and objectives of providing best education support and system to the students coming to the institute to enhance their prospects of getting selected in the IITs, various Engg. colleges & Medical colleges of the country by getting specialized coaching, guidance and motivation to excel in their performance.


AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE is a Sweet Dream of A.K.Mishra, a renowned Faculty of Physics besides a leader and expert in the arena of providing coaching by perfected and updated teaching methods with the help of creative visual aids, which keep the students interest alive while learning in the class. The methods of teachings adopted by AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE have a very lasting effect in the minds of students sitting with a receptive mind.


AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE has its firm roots has grown big in stature and performance and has structured many independent departments for better performance and is providing under one roof multiple facilities to the knowledge hungry students in terms of Excellent Education, expanding their knowledge horizons, introducing an element of self discipline in them to be totally responsible and accountable for their actions.


AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE ensures that only the best Available Faculty members with long teaching experience and special exposure in I.I.T./P.M.T./P.E.T. competitions and holding experience of prestigious institutions with a commitment towards students welfare. After undergoing a reorientation programme at AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE start teaching the students. AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE takes great pains in selecting the faculty and ensures their stability on long term basis.


The Student after completing the course at AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE is a perfect and revised version of his past. He is perfect in his responses and behaviour which is reflected by excellent results year after year the students exhibit in the competitive exams they appear for entrance exams.


In the just five years of its inception, the institute has risen beyond all the expectations and the volume and quality of results have proven the success of its mission. “Learning that is redundant is no longer knowledge”. That is why AYUSHMAN INSTITUTE continuously updates the courses it offers. By doing so, it allows the students to keep abreast with the latest developments and methodologies in entrance exams preparation.